[thelist] popup splash without being intrusive and annoying!

Andrew thelist at punterspower.co.uk
Thu Oct 28 06:54:16 CDT 2004

Hi Drew thanks for that sounds like that could be the way forward, do you
have some code for this I could use?  Or if there are some tutorial you
could point me to that would be great

Thank you

Drew Shiel said:
> At 10:41 28/10/2004, Andrew wrote:
>>I want to provide visitors with a promotional offer without it being
>>permanent and once displayed or closed thats it the session is killed.
>>Some views on this would be nice before proceeding.  I am thinking about
>>just making a link more visible than anything else but the reason for not
>>doing this is I don't want to amend the rest of the design of the site
>    I've occasionally had things like this in the past. Essentially, in
> pseudocode, the logic goes:
>    If user has no promo cookie
>          - set promo cookie
>          - do popup
>    That way, if they've seen it at all, whether or not they took it, it
> doesn't pop up again. After your promotion is over, you can either just
> remove that code, so that no new cookies are set, and the old ones remain
> in place, or you can be nice and drop in some code that deletes existing
> cookies as well.
>    Drew.
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