[thelist] Better Way?

Peter L. Schlueter peter.schlueter at pcadvocates.com
Thu Oct 28 07:58:47 CDT 2004

Anybody have a better way to create this schedule for viewing on line?  The
client wants to have a class schedule posted on her website.  Not being the
brightest candle on the cake, I spent over 2 hours creating a class schedule
using tables with a dash of css thrown in.  The general basic schedule will
not change over time, however the dates will need to be revised when new
classes are started.  Recently someone on one of the lists I subscribe to,
offered for review a table with scrollable data and fixed header.  I may
revist that site to see if I can fix the main verticle and horizontal areas
and let the highlighted bars scroll up/down, left/right.  Anyway the link is
below and if anyone can help (php, ssi, asp, freeware, shareware, etc), I
would appreciate it.

I came to webdesign late (last year) and have little knowledge on tables
(been concentrating on CSS/HTML), so if tables are the solution, tips and
hints on the table itself would also be appreciated.


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