[thelist] Better Way?

Peter L. Schlueter peter.schlueter at pcadvocates.com
Fri Oct 29 07:01:47 CDT 2004

Courtenay responds

"You poor thing ;)

For starters, change the border color so its not so *black*.
  td { border: 1px solid #aaa; }

much easier on the eyes.

can you be a little more specific as to what you're trying to achieve?"

On Thu, 28 Oct 2004 08:58:47 -0400, Peter L. Schlueter
> Anybody have a better way to create this schedule for viewing on line?
> client wants to have a class schedule posted on her website.  >

Tough, metaphysical question!  World PEACE? :)
Thanks  for the response.  I guess I am trying to find a different way to
create a class schedule with a display similar to what I have created.
X-axis showing class dates and hours of course work accumulated.  Y-axis
detailing the different sections of the course.  So I guess I'm looking for
guidance on the following...
1. Do I need to use &nbsp; between the <td></td> in the empty cells for them
to show on the schedule?
2. Do I need the above to show the background color?
3. Can I use SSI for the x-axis and y-axis, to  make it easier for the
client to change the schedule data (dates, hours, course material)?
4. Has anybody any links to a site that offers a template (freeware, GPL,
commercial) to accomplish the above?
When I put this schedule together, I just seemed to feel that there has to
be a better way.  For instance.  Suppose the hours for the "Valuation and
Appraisal" section of the course changes from 4 hours to 5 hours.  The
client, or I,  will have to find the particular <tr> that contains the
background-color and add that background color to an additional cell.  What
I have done in this original sample, was use <td class="color"
colspan="4">&nbsp;</td>.  I or the clientwould have to change that to <td
class="color" colspan="5">&nbsp;</td> and then delete a <td>&nbsp;</td>
below the revised <td> in order that the <tr> stays a uniform length.  Other
changes will be just a tedius and time consuming.  Being a newbee, I just
wondered if there was a simpler way to place data (including
background-color) into the individual cells.
The border color on my IE 6 shows gray.  But I will open it up in my editor
and see what #aaa looks like..
Thanks again and look forward to your guidance.

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