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Mike Carlson mike at mcarlson.net
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Something like this?
If instr(1,Request.QueryString,"deployment",0) = 0 then
      'we didn't find it, do whatever
      'its in there somewhere now do something with it
End If
Request.QueryString will return the entire string after the "?" in the URL. 
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Hi folks,

I'm trying to build a dynamic navigation so I don't have to put variables in every page. I'm super
rusty in ASP so I'm having some trouble.

I have a simple styled UL that is a horizontal navigation. To indicate the current page I throw an
ID on the HREF.

So using ASP like this:

scriptname = request.servervariables("script_name")

I can get my path where the page rests:


The key think I need to get is "Deployment" out of these URLs - that is the section they are in.
How in ASP can I test for deployment so I can indicate the correct LI item as current?

Psuedo code I want is:

  url contains "Deployment"
  LI item deployment gets "current" ID
end if



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