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Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 29 11:07:16 CDT 2004

--- "chris at martiantechnologies.com" <chris at martiantechnologies.com> wrote:

> I've used ByRef for the argument in order that the return value of the function can be used to
> gauge the success of the operation. Thus, one could do something like this:
> <%
> Dim strSection
> If Not GetSection(strSection) Then
>     'Log the fact that there was some kind of a problem with the operation
> End If
> %>
> <% If (strSection = "Deployment") Then %> id="current"<% End If%>

> I prefer the first method personally because IMHO it gives more flexibility in deployment in the
> future. The second method is fine, but in the event of any problems it lends itself less to
> handling the issue gracefully.

Thanks a bunch Chris. I used the first one above as you suggested, looks good to me too, and works
perfectly. I really appreciate the help!


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