[thelist] RE: web development

Tim Kuhn Tim.Kuhn at PREMERA.com
Fri Oct 29 17:10:39 CDT 2004

I will second the motion for HTML Kit for HTML/XHTML, CSS and JavaScript, I
have been using that for many years and each version just keeps getting
better without getting clunky. As noted the plugins are great. I have been
using Visual Studio for almost 3 years for .NET development which is the
majority of my professional work. I wouldn't us VS for anything but .NET
development. Last but not least, XML Spy for most of my XML/XSLT and XSD

> Can anyone point me to some statistics showing what development tools web
> designers are using to develop their web applications. I need to know if
> designers actively use tools like Visual Studio.Net or are they just
> hand-coders like me(Homesite 5+).

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