[thelist] problems with mutilple versions of IE on windows?

Paul Bennett paul at web-business-pack.com
Fri Oct 29 18:29:23 CDT 2004

Maximillian Schwanekamp wrote:

> There is one crash point - using Favorites in the non-system IE will 
> crash the browser.  As far as "corrupting" the main install of IE, 
> that sounds a bit far-fetched.  I use I 5.01, 5.5 in addition to my 
> main install of IE 6 (all for debugging), and all three will run 
> simultaneously without issue.  I use TopStyle, and have all three set 
> as External Browsers...

<voice style="damon wayans">
"Are you calling me a lier??!"

I have had this happen twice.
Process as follows:

Install the packages.
click on the icons to start up.
Use old version of IE for testing.
Things go ok for a while then something goes awry and browser becomes 
unstable, unresponsive and dies.
Try starting up my main IE6 install and get an old IE version instead.

Go ".....??"

get rid of old versions
start up IE6.
Still see old IE version as application which starts.
Get scared.
Reinstall IE6
Life as normal (well, as normal as things get on Windows)

could be a case of RTM, but it sure was weird...

Paul B

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