[thelist] Thunderbird question

Heather Quinn hqevolt at windyhilldesign.com
Sat Oct 30 10:22:24 CDT 2004

Julian Rickards wrote:

> ...When I open Thunderbird and it asks to compress folders, I click 
> yes/ok and then it tells me that it may take a moment and I click OK. 
> No problems so far but folder compression seems to prevent Tbird from 
> logging into my mail account. I have to shutdown Tbird after it is 
> done (a couple of seconds), and then restart it and it logs in for me 
> and downloads any messages waiting...

In Mozilla Mail, I find if I compact mail folders containing lots if 
messages (compaction is same as compression in Thunderbird), the 
compacting process takes longer than I expect, and the status bar 
doesn't always show when/if compression is done or still in-progress.  
It's possible that compression is taking longer than you think, and the 
mail folder/message objects are still locked when TB tries to log in.  
If you have the option to compress when exiting TB, perhaps that would 
resolve the conflict.  Also, .I find that redistributing messages to 
subfolders, after I've read them, keeps mail db maintainance less 
stressed in Mozilla Mail, because no single mail folder db file gets to 
be too large.

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