[thelist] [Javascript] onKeyUp error, and this should ADD not CONCATENATE

Tim Burgan email at timburgan.com
Mon Feb 14 00:21:41 CST 2005

Ok.. it's official.. I suck at javascript.
Is anyone able to lend (another) hand?

I have my 5 text fields.. that dollar values are entered into, then a 
6th box that calculates the total of all 5 boxes, but the values are not 
being ADDED together for the totals box, instead the code is 
CONCATENATING. What have I done, I can't figure it out?

Also, what's weird is that when I try to update the text boxes via   
onKeyUp=""  , if I put addTotals() as the attribute value, I get a 
javascript error, but if I put all my javascript on one line then paste 
it into each fields onKeyUp attribute, the code works (except it's 
concatenating or course).

I have setup an example at http://www.timburgan.com/form.htm

What's goin on here?


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