[thelist] Photoshop - importing patterns directly from image files

Dan CRACIUN dcsquare at myrealbox.com
Mon Feb 14 03:29:19 CST 2005

You can use the actions pallete to record the actions you need to define 
a pattern, then put all your textures in a folder and use 
Automate->Batch on that folder with your recorded action.

David Siedband wrote:

> Is there a way to get PhotoshopCS to load a pattern directly from an 
> image file instead of having to open the image file, select-all, and 
> do edit->define pattern then go back to the fill palette?  This seems 
> like too many clicks to do something so simple...  FireworksMX lets 
> you load image files directly from the pattern dialogue.
> Do I need to batch convert my textures to .pat files?  Anyone seen a 
> script to do this?
> thanks
> -- 
> David Siedband
> generation-xml.com

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