[thelist] Doctype declaration

BJ bj at kickasswebdesign.com
Mon Feb 14 09:14:12 CST 2005

Most times when creating a site with css, you'd most likely use XHTML 
1.0 either transitional or strict.

More info here on how you'd frame your doc type declaration.


More info here on why using the correct dtd is important;
<http://www.quirksmode.org/>  -- this page is unfortunately in frames, 
so you have to click css, then quirks and strict mode.

I use dreamweaver as my html editor.  When I create a new document I 
simply check the little box that asks if I want to make the document 
xhtml compliant, and it adds in the xhtml 1.0 transitional dtd all nice 
and tidy-- and then when it adds tags to my code the ones that need to 
be are "escaped" to conform to the dtd.

I hope this helps, especially since it's my first post to the list.

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