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Michael Pack michaelpack at wvdhhr.org
Mon Feb 14 10:10:48 CST 2005

Warren, Vegas is incredible!



>>> Warren Murray <warren at digital-crossroads.com> 2/14/2005 10:47:26 AM
Top of the Day to You,

I'm looking for a good video editing application that will allow me to

produce video to DVD and to the web.  I have many Sony DV cassettes, 
which I  would like:
- To take existing digital audio/video clips and convert to DVDs to 
archive them
- To take the best of them and convert for use on the web
- To be able to convert the ones for the web to Windows Media Player or

Real Player format (which ever is better) and Quicktime format for
Mac-based computers on the web

My current OS is Windows XP professional.

 What do you recommend?

Thanks in advance!!!

Warren Murray
aka TC Lyndell

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