[thelist] PHP File upload suggestions

Juha Suni juha at ilmiantajat.fi
Mon Feb 14 03:27:10 CST 2005

Burhan Khalid wrote:
> Theodore Serbinski wrote:
>> Yeah users all would be on broadband connections.
>> As for using PHP to update the % completion, how would one go about
>> doing this? I didn't think this was possible???
> Plenty of ways to do this.  One of them is the HTML_Progress class
> over at pear (that's pear.php.net).
> Its not 100% PHP (obviously), but PHP + Javascript.

It is possible to do this also 100% PHP, as I briefly described in a tip for
thelist about 2 weeks ago. This method basically uses flush() to push data
to the browser during a PHP-loop (and as such, is suitable for almost any
time consuming PHP-scripts). It is not 100% foolproof however, since some
proxies may force buffering despite the flushing.

You can see a simple demo of it in action (just looping sleep() for several
times) in:

I can give more information if you wish.


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