[thelist] PHP Form Trouble

Noah St.Amand noah at tookish.net
Mon Feb 14 23:50:18 CST 2005

Jeff Hinds wrote (2/15/05 12:24 AM):
> When a form is submitted thru the website the email does not forward to the 
> email (info at fitchappraisals.com) in the PHP form.
> It does work when the email is set to other emails with other domain names.
> Any reason why it would not work for the info at fitchappraisals.com and it 
> would for other domains emails?

Is the form located on a server that thinks it's called 
"fitchappraisals.com"? I'd have a look at the mail configuration on the 

For example, if the server thinks that fitchappraisals.com is a local 
domain, but it's actually not, the mail won't arrive where it's supposed to.

In any case, if the form works with other email addresses, I don't think 
it's a PHP problem, but rather a configuration problem somewhere else 
along the line.


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