[thelist] Site check / critique please...

Norbert E. Wagner n.wagner at tiscali.it
Tue Feb 15 05:28:29 CST 2005

Hi David,
on Opera 7.54 win eberthing seems to work fine.
ie5.5 win pages are not centered and the hover effect in the top navbar is 
on some sites moving the rest of the site down, which is a little annoying. 
But probably the only thing important to adjust is the image on the 
homepage is under the three main links (events etc) so the hole page is 

As you recognized well overall structure is a bit poor, since the main 
subjects are only on the first page (events etc) and the 'contact us' is 
hidden in the text. But if it is a customers wish.

Overall a nice work.


At 05.07 15/02/2005 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I'm just about finished with this site and want some opinions/advice please:
>I'm still learning as I'm going but having fun learning all this new stuff.
>Can you guys/gals check it to see if I could be coding anything better or 
>if anything jumps out at you let me know.
>I realize there's a problem with the navigation (Events and Marketing) 
>links really only being on the home page. But, that's the way the client 
>wanted it. He wants to eventually have a separate site for the Marketing.
>I also want to do the home big links with css but havent figured that out 
>yet and just wanted to get the majority of the whole site done first.
>Also, I havent added any IE pc hacks. Never have done that before either 
>so I'm thinking that if I need to I'll probably use conditional comments 
>and use the @import separate style sheet method.
>I'm on mac but checked most of the pages out on my friends IE6 
>pc...Everything looked the same I think as it did in Firefox...so I might 
>not need any hacks? Or will ie 5-5.5 show diffrently than ie6?
>Thanks for any info..Greatly appreciated,
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