[thelist] Site check / critique please...

M. Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Tue Feb 15 12:48:16 CST 2005

Message from D Ross (2/15/2005 06:07 AM)
>Hi all,
>I'm just about finished with this site and want some opinions/advice please:

I like your designs, clean, crisp and uncluttered. On the front page I only 
have a couple minor subjective gripes - I don't think those three big ugly 
grey boxes work with the rest of the colour scheme at all, especially not 
the middle one which has a greenish tinge.

Also I see no reason why those absolutely need to be images, I really think 
you should work on the CSS version. And hovering over the Contact Us box 
produces a maroon bottom border. None of the others do.

And I don't think the "fusion of elegance and efficiency" text works. 
Firstly it's not a particularly elegant script font, it looks like cold, 
sterile script with no personality. And secondly it seems to clash with the 
sans-serif navigation font.

You're not consistent in your branding either - on the first page you have 
both VP Events Inc., VP Events, Inc., and also vpevents,inc in the header.

I think the footer navigation could do with a touch of padding or spacing 
of some sort.

On your sub pages, the little icon you use as your bullet image, which I 
now realise is actually an arrow, resembles a plus sign - it's very small 
so hard to distinguish detail properly. When I see plus signs, I expect the 
list to be expandable.

On the Weddings page, you've got three L's in Knoxvillle. Heh. Also I 
noticed the use of "vender" throughout the site. Surprisingly it is a valid 
word, but perhaps not as common as "vendor". Unless you have a strong 
reason not to, I'd suggest changing it rather than risk people thinking you 
can't spell.

I personally think there's too much copy on the site. Also I don't 
understand the relation between the VP Events and VP Marketing links, and 
the Corporate, Weddings, etc links on the top. Seems to be an arbitrary 
separation of navigation.

Oh and the Contact link in the footer is wrong - it points to 
contactus.htm. Speaking of the contact page, I'd suggest if you're putting 
text into the textarea, have it deleted when the textarea is selected. I've 
seen people who don't know how to click and drag or Ctrl-A to select text 
to quickly delete it so they go backspace-backspace-backspace... you get 
the idea.

And in conclusion, I was using Opera 7.50 on Windows and didn't see any 
design breaks.


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