[thelist] Which programs for producing web graphics?

Izaak Branderhorst izaak at victoria.tc.ca
Tue Feb 15 21:11:13 CST 2005

--On Tuesday, February 15, 2005 05:35:55 PM -0800 Mike 
<designbase10 at shaw.ca> wrote:

> Here are some workpaths. I currently use the first:
> Fireworks
> Illustrator to Photoshop to Imageready
> Illustrator only

I'll add this one to the list: Illustrator -> the GIMP!

After using Illustrator for design, I use the GIMP (crossplatform) and 
jEdit (also crossplatform) to implement a site. GIMP probably offers a 
few advantages as well as it's own problems in comparison to Photoshop, 
but I choose it merely because it runs in Linux. The 'slicing' process as 
you say is closely linked to the code you end up implementing, which is 
why you need the two applications running side-by-side... You could use 
it in Windows but I just happen to prefer Linux.

I don't know what advantages it has as it's been a while since I've used 
photoshop extensively. However I am able to work quite quickly using 
custom scripts and keyboard shortcuts for repetetive tasks... And for 
anyone who hasn't given it a shot since pre-2.0, or even pre-2.2, you 
should really give 2.2 a try!! There are a few things to get used to 
(layer boundaries can be different than image boundaries, for example) 
but it's really quite great.... As far as I know it has no vector 
capabilities though.


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