[thelist] Help: Site search for a great client

Steve Bissonnette steve at plankdesign.com
Wed Feb 16 10:36:46 CST 2005

Hi Everyone,

I¹m investigating options for a site search engine for one of our clients
(very large site ­ heavy heavy traffic) - I¹m sure you could figure out
if you did a bit of investigation ;-)

Okay ­ you twisted my arm .. It¹s for michaelmoore.com
(http://www.michaelmoore.com) ..


I¹ve been evaluating phpDIG ­ which seems good ­ but a bit flakey on
The site I¹m going to be using this on is LOAD balanced and mirrored around
the world.

Does anyone have any solutions they stand by ? Anything to stay away from ?
We require it to be easy to use, automate-able updates to the indexes, not
rely on any specific
³customized² apache settings that would be incompatible with load

We have considered using Google¹s PUBLIC FREE site search engine ­ but are
about the frequency of site crawls and about how customizable the return
template it.

Currently the site is running under a LAMP (linux, mysql, apache, php)

I could really use The List's combined expertise and advice on this one,

steve bissonnette
steve at plankdesign.com

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