[thelist] Which programs... web graphics on linux??

Richard Bennett richard.bennett at skynet.be
Wed Feb 16 13:41:17 CST 2005

On Wednesday 16 February 2005 18:21, Internetvraagbaak.nl wrote:
> You want to do : desktop machines  to server content management of a
> website??
> isn't it better to use webbased solutions??
> offcourse this is part of discussion, webbased just has my favor. and works
> great..

I have a paste area in the (Drupal) CMS that allows HTML to be pasted. I tried 
fckeditor and htmlarea but they didn't work properly in 
Opera/Firefox/Konqueror on Linux, so I let the users copy/paste from a 
wysiwyg editor until I find a better solution.


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