[thelist] Internet Explorer 7

Russ russ at unrealisticexpectations.com
Wed Feb 16 19:44:52 CST 2005

> > This is where you are wrong:
> > a) Web developers aren't the primary users of IE - end users are
> 99% of the TV primary users are just watchers. Yet it is the TV
> producers that make the shows those people watch. So it is with the
> web, The milling masses drop bad sites and migrate to better ones.
> Want an example of that? Look no further than online banking. People
> select their bank by the UI of the online banking interface. And
> there the designer is instrumental.

Seems a little myopic, don't you think?  That is, bad sites dropped and
users migrating to better ones--and even the online banking
references--all based upon a UI.

I'm sorry, but those claims are not much more than speculation.  

I couldn't give you specifics so I won't make outlandish claims, but
there's a lot more to be considered than simply a UI when it comes to
online banking (trust, brand name, familiarity and comfort with the
internet, etc. etc.) and there are a lot of sites that are not
necessarily "well designed" and plenty of those are frequented by more
users in a day than any of us could shake a stick at.

Want some examples?  www.televisionwithoutpity.com and www.fark.com and
they're used more for what television is used for:  entertainment, which
I thought you'd want to keep your thoughts focused on so you could be
commenting on at least something similar--I've yet to hear of anyone
using online banking for anything "fun", per se.

Can you reference your source as to 99% of the TV primary users being
"just watchers"?  I'd be interested to see those facts now that we have
more and more exposure to DVRs and so many different channels, etc.
And, if 99% of the users are watching, what's the other 1% doing?  I
mean, how else do you "use" a television?

> The better TV channel draws the eyeballs.

Again, that's an unfair generalization.  Isn't it actually the better
programming / experience that's based upon opinion and nothing factual?
I may love Smallville and you may think it sucks and may enjoy something
else at the same time.  Then, which channel wins?  What if it's up
against Desperate Housewives?

It's getting silly, but the point is that this discussion bears almost
no actual facts to it and is being skewed and weighed upon heavily with
exaggeration and speculation--oh, and opinion.  What's next?  Mac vs.

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