[thelist] restricted webspace or FTP hosting?

Massimo Mezzini webmaster at menouno.com
Thu Feb 17 05:10:28 CST 2005


one of my clients needs to be able to exchange some large technical 
documents (up to 30Mb) with remote offices and customers. They are 
asking for a password controlled section on their website where users 
should be able to upload (through a script?) and download those 

Space is not a problem but I'm afraid that uploading such big files 
could interfere with server performance. Also, some users are not 
exactly tech-types and I'm not sure they would not stare at the 
monitor for hours (or call for help) if uploading stalls.

I wonder if a separate FTP server would not be a better solution. 
Suggestions? Can anybody recommend a safe and reliable FTP hosting 

Thanks in advance,


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