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> > Want an example of that? Look no further than online banking. People
> > select their bank by the UI of the online banking interface. And
> > there the designer is instrumental.
> I'm not sure about that... I'm pretty sure I can't think of anyone who
> chooses their bank by the UI of the online interface.

Ever seen the Bank of America commercial where the lady in the kitchen pays
all her bills while the food is reheating in the microwave, or where the buy
puts his checkbook under the table leg to stabilize the table?  Bank of
America is banking (pun intended) that you'll appreciate the convenience of
their web interface and choose them.

Most small businesses may not see a gain from an online account management
interface.  But, I honestly believe that most companies that fit the
following could use online services to persuade customers to choose them:

1) provide non-interactive services (garbage collection, for example)
2) where standing in line/on hold is a majority of the visit (banks, for
3) have clients where they don't have a storefront (insurance companies, for

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