[thelist] Help with site layout: Makovision.com

Jens Brueckmann lists at j-a-b.net
Thu Feb 17 16:15:32 CST 2005

On Thu, 17 Feb 2005 15:43:43 -0500, Don Makoviney <don at makovision.com>  

> http://www.makovision.com/
> In this case the site stops at the Sitemeter Javascript code at the very
> bottom right of the page. But it only stops sometimes. . .and works fine  
> in Firefox. But in IE it stops.
> (a) is it loading for you?
> And (b) if it is/isn't, what browser are you using?
> And (c) If it is not loading correctly, any ideas why? I am at my wits  
> end.

Page loads fine in Opera 7.54/Win2000.

In IE6SP1/Win2000 same behaviour as you described, but when scripting is  
deactivated, page loads fine.
Masking each script in turn lead to the counter script definitely being  
the culprit.
Nevertheless I am flabbergasted what exactly in this script could cause IE  
to not load the page. Even downloading the script and masking parts of it  
did not produce any definite results. Sometimes the page loads fine,  
sometimes it does not.



Jens Brueckmann

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