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Justin @ pxLabs justin at
Thu Feb 17 19:51:27 CST 2005

>My loyalty to MS is quickly losing ground.

They've lost all my loyalty. Unfortunately, I'm still stuck on this 
operating system called Windows XP b/c of the mere fact that Macromedia 
has made of their fabulous software for the Linux platform.

The day that happens, is the day that I format these machines and move 
over to Linux Mandrake. Oh, I cannot wait for the day when I can compute 
safely and not have to worry about viruses, spyware, and all that jazz.

>I'm pretty sure I can't think of  anyone who chooses their bank by
>> the UI of the online interface.
I did. In fact, I choose to do business with companies who's sites look 
good. Call me what you want, but why should I do business with a company 
who can't look after their website? Imagine if their website was poorly 
made. That, in itself, is a reflection of their business, their 
attitudes, and often, is a direct reflection of how they treat their 

Would you choose the web designer with a poorly done site, or the one 
with a usability-friendly, accessible, semantically correct, standards 
compliant site? I'd fathom a guess and say you would choose the latter. 
99% of the populace would agree with me.

It's all about perception, folks, and until we realize that, we're dead 
in the water.

- Justin

Rob Smith wrote:

>>Uh... this is a bad thing because...?
>Fixing security bugs in my mind does not warrant a new version. Fixing
>security bugs AND fixing overdue compatibility issues IS/ARE.
>Justin said it perfectly:
>Just another reason to continue supporting Firefox.
>My loyalty to MS is quickly losing ground. I think they have spread
>themselves out too thin. How much are Mac's again?

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