[thelist] Parent DIV won't take background color

Daniel LeVangie-Stricklen muraii at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 18 15:04:03 CST 2005

Hi there,

Can someone take a look at Douglas Bowman's Blogger
template Minima at


and help me figure out something about how the DIVs
are working?

Specifically, I'm using this basic structure for my
blog, and I've decided that I wanted to style the
<body> background separately from that of the
contents.  So, I colored the body, and colored the
<div> with the id "#content".  That didn't work.  I
colored each of the "#main" and "#sidebar" <div>s, and
that *did* work, though it leaves a gulf of the screen
with the <body> background color coming through.  To
experiment, then, I then styled the <div> children of
the ".post" class with another background color, and
that worked also.

So, that leaves me with the question: why won't the
"#container" <div> take a background color?

I thought that it might have to do with the fact that
the "#container" <div> didn't have any content of its
own, but was a wrapper for the other two primary
content <div>s.  So, I dropped a test paragraph before
the "#main" <div> and after the "#sidebar" <div>.  The
"#content" <div> now takes a background color, but
only as far down the screen as the "#sidebar" <div>
goes.  I tried to throw another test paragraph
sequentially after the "#main" <div> but before the
"#sidebar" <div>, thinking that it would follow the
longer content of the "#main" <div", but that didn't

I have a hunch that this is what all those tutorials
I've skimmed about the multi-column layout have been
about, and so I'll be hunting them down again.  But
just on the offchance that there's something goofy
going on with Firefox or the ordering of some code, I
thought I'd go ahead and toss in this question.



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