[thelist] Help with css layout / IE issue

Maximillian Schwanekamp lists at neptunewebworks.com
Sat Feb 19 01:25:16 CST 2005

Chris Johnston wrote:
> Okay, I have fixed the site in IE 5.5 thanks to the links to the stand
> alone IE browsers and the link to the css-d hack page. However, I am
> still having problems with IE 5.0x that I just can't seem to solve.

Your .sidebar is too wide.  Try setting an explicit width on it; Maximum 
210px worked in a quick test for me on IE 5.01.  Also since you have 
padding: 5px 20px 5px 30px on .sideSection, the div.sideSection with the 
Get Firefox image is forcing the column to be 230px wide.  Either use a 
smaller Get FF img, or reduce the padding.  I vote the latter.

> Could some kind sole please check the site in Safari and let me know
> how it looks?

Looks good to me!  No problems at all... OS X 10.2.3, Safari 1.0.3.

Maximillian Von Schwanekamp

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