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: >In the final analysis though, you probably don't make Microsoft any
: money.
: >And Microsoft is a business trying to make a profit for its shareholders.
: >When customers who do make money for Microsoft say "we want security",
: >then that's what MS will concentrate on.
: Ken
: You don't need to explain us how business works  ;)  They're damaging the
: web, when they don't respect the standards. 

I can definitely see your point of view here, and I don't dispute it.

My point was about where Microsoft was directing its resources. Significant
numbers of its customers are calling for improved security. To complain that
responding to this call is misguided would be naïve - Microsoft isn't
improving security just for the fun of it - there is some pressure out there
to do exactly what it's doing.

: It's in _our_interest_ that the web is
: still there in five or ten years.

I'm sure the web will still be there in 5-10 years. It's survived the last 10
years of competing standards, and I'm sure it'll survive the next 10.

Furthermore, I've already said that I'm expecting much better standards
support in the IE that comes with Longhorn. And we're not going to have to
wait 10 years for that.

Microsoft's actively contributing to the development of W3C standards these
days, and I would expect that they would be implemented in an upcoming MS
browser. The problem at the moment is what to do with the existing Trident
rendering engine - the one that's been around for ages. It does have a strict
-vs- quirks mode, and that's probably the best that can be hoped for.

: (Whether Microsoft is still there, does matter to you, but not to most of
: us, even not to their short-term sighted shareholders.)

I'm not sure what you're saying here. Why would Microsoft's being around
matter more to me than to anyone else in particular? I hope I'm not
misinterpreting what you're saying here...


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