[thelist] Transparent popups

Mark Marlow mark at testwiz.com
Sat Feb 19 10:43:12 CST 2005

It is not a popup, it is DHTML.  They are using DHTML to write out HTLM that
has an image map with this image
using I.E. function- DXImageTransform, see
The image map defines areas that can be clicked and fire off either local
javascript (to close the image), or reference a url (to direct the browser
to another website).

- Mark

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Note: I don't want to get in a war about popups!

How does this site (http://www.instantattention.com/) create the popups that
they do? The transparency looks awesome.. but that requires PNG use.. which
isn't supported in IE, but somehow these popups DO work!

How can I create something like this myself?



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