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"the issues are there as long as MS products have a near-monopoly on the

Microsoft does *not* have a monopoly on the web.  Nor do they on the
desktop, nor the servers, and so on...   What they have is called *market
share*, and there IS a difference.   One is driven by DELIBERATE LACK OF
AVAILABLE CHOICES while the other is driven by continued popularity.


I am so tired of everyone's whining about Microsoft.   Its such an old
complaint and its generally invoked by those who don’t have ideas good
enough to either capitalize on such "monopolies" as they are accused or ride
the wave created by them.    So, please, stop complaining.


I want to support the last message:

I do use Windows XP but that is only laziness when I shopped for my current 
PC but, out of curiosity, I some time ago explored alternative software and 
now only use MS software as follows:

- Outlook Express for email but only because as my Mozilla Thunderbird 
developed a fault that I have not yet been able to fix and Internet 
Explorer, solely for testing web pages.  All other software that I use is 
other-than-Microsoft, for example:

- Open-Office.org for word processing and spreadsheet
- WordPerfect ditto
- The GIMP for image work (MS can't compete here anyway)
- Inkscape for illustration (MS can't compete here anyway)

along with other non-MS stuff such as:

- Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, GoLive, Audition
- Dell music player
- Firefox browser
- Photofiltre has some very good image utilities
- HTML-Kit

and so on and so on ...

There is a very excellent non-MS world out there if you want it ...


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