SPAM-LOW: RE: [thelist] Internet Explorer 7

Judah McAuley judah at
Sun Feb 20 01:08:17 CST 2005

> I am so tired of everyone's whining about Microsoft.   Its such an old
> complaint and its generally invoked by those who don’t have ideas good
> enough to either capitalize on such "monopolies" as they are accused or ride
> the wave created by them.    So, please, stop complaining. more "pro microsoft/anti microsoft" emails. No complaining 
about whiners on either side. Its old, tired and sickening. Microsoft is 
a monopoly...that is bad. Microsoft is not a fascist enterprise....that 
is good. They do good things, they do bad things. Good and bad are both 
relative. They crush competitors, they innovate, they buy out other 
companies, they endorse some standards, they subvert others, they 
encourage third parties sometimes just by their existence.

Individual actions are good or bad within a certain context and set of 
assumptions. Keep the debate to that. Companies in and of themselves are 
neither altruistic nor evil. If you want to rant about attitudes, take 
it to thechat, or preferably, completely off list.


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