[thelist] RE: Do you help people who know nothing at all?

Carol Whitney cwhitney at islandnet.com
Sun Feb 20 20:02:58 CST 2005

At 18:58 05-02-20 -0500, Joshua Olson wrote:
>I'm going to take a moment to answer the questions that are truly

<g>; thanks!

>The answer to question #1 is that yes, we do, as a collective group, 
>answer questions from anybody.  You'll find, however, that some 
>questions spawn more answers than others.

That makes sense to me.

>   Generally I find that specific questions garner
>more responses than broad questions.

That makes sense to me too. The trick, though, is to learn enough to 
ask the question. Now that you've assured me extremely basic 
questions are okay to ask, I will have a few, which I'll try to take 
one at a time, if I can figure out what they are. I'm sure I'll 
remember some of them as I continue my efforts.

>   Posters who listen to responses and
>actually try them out tend to get more responses too.

<haha!> I've been doing that the last few days, in response to help 
from the WebDeveloper Forums. I was going to update stuff on my site 
about that, but I got quite lost in my efforts, which I'm still 

>The answer to question #2 is that we go all the way to the bottom 
>floor if necessary.

Wow. That is very, very generous of you. Something about the 
evolt.org site suggested to me that was a possibility, though.

>   I've found that there are some more complicated questions that
>this group generally doesn't answer, but almost all basic questions get
>answered many times over--sometimes with surprising variation.  The 
>slower the mail server is pumping out emails, the more responses 
>you'll usually see.  :-)

I like your sense of humor; it strikes me as rather like mine in some 

I just subscribed here yesterday, and I note the availability of 
list-archives, so will peruse them also, but not at the expense of 
continuing my efforts, which means I'll be going back and forth 
between efforts and browsing for help!

>The other 2 questions I'll leave to someone else,
>Joshua Olson

ASCII ART! love it.

>Web Application Engineer
>WAE Tech Inc.

Among other things, I'm following links to web sites shown here; that 
can be fascinating. Talk about SKILL! Looks gorgeous!

Thanks for your help, Joshua. I'll be back with questions.

Sun, 20 Feb 2005  18:02:49
Carol W.
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