[thelist] RE: this operation timed out

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Sun Feb 20 23:26:15 CST 2005

There's a network connectivity issue somewhere.

Basically it means that your client (e.g. your web browser) has given up
waiting for a response from the remote server. Either the remote server is
not responding, or the packets/signals are not getting from your computer to
the remote server and back again.

You may wish to contact your ISP to see if they are having any issues...


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: When my browser presents me with a message: "Alert!
: This operation timed out when attempting to contact
: [URL]."
: What does this generally refer to?
: I am supposing that it means my internet connection
: has disconnected. Usually during a disconnect, an
: orange MSN tab at bottom of browser chrome starts
: flashing. But not always.
: I'm on MSN dial-up and considering a change. Today,
: I've been disconnected about 8 times, and it's 4 times
: within one minute, then time passes, then another 4
: times within two minutes. Strange.
: Server overload due to people shopping or surfing the
: information superhighway?

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