[thelist] Just got a pc to test with - Have some browser/software questions...

Burhan Khalid thelist at meidomus.com
Mon Mar 7 01:11:46 CST 2005

D Ross wrote:
> Hello,
> Just got an older compaq laptop with Windows98. My mom sent it to me as 
> she knows I've been needing one for testing my sites. I've been using a 
> Mac as my primary computer so just using this pc to test with.

My mom usually sends me $10, even though I don't need it.

[ snipped ]

> I was planning on downloading whatever I needed for it to my mac then 
> transfering the files over on cd. I've heard it's somewhat a pain to 
> install multiple version of IE on a pc. IE 5.5 is on it now and there's 
> a version of netscape on it but havent checked it yet to see which 
> version. I really just want to get ie5.0 and more importantly ie6 on it. 
> I have seen the browser archives that the evolt people have supplied so 
> I can just download whatever browsers I need from there, burn to cd on 
> my mac, then transfer over to the laptop right?

Yes, however there are headaches with running multiple versions of IE on 
the same Windows installation.  If you want IE 6, it will upgrade IE 5, etc.

> I also need a flash player in IE as the version on it now (5.5) doesnt 
> have a flash player. Anything special I need to consider there?

Nope, if you visit the macromedia website, there should be a bar that 
appears that says that "you do not have all ____ to experience the site 
properly" (or something like that). Just click on it to download and 
install flash.

> Anything else I should install or need to worry about?
> Do pc's support cds with multiple disc burning sessions on them? Seems 
> like I remember they only recognized the first session.

This was a problem more with the CDROM drive and less with the PC. My PC 
recognizes multi-session CDs just fine, YMMV.

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