[thelist] Transitioning websites from IIS5 to IIS6 (metabase)

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Mon Mar 7 06:15:41 CST 2005

There is an IIS Migration tool in the IIS6 Resource Kit.

Otherwise, I would upgrade the IIS5 box to IIS6. Then I would backup the
metabase (ensure that you supply a password otherwise sensitive data is
encrypted using the machine key, which is useless on the other box), and then
restore the backup on the other machine.

You may need to manually set the NTFS ACLs (depending on your network
configuration). I would use xcacls or similar to do that, since you can
batchfile or script that operation.


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: Subject: [thelist] Transitioning websites from IIS5 to IIS6 (metabase)
: I am faced with moving 120 or so virtual websites on my W2K/IIS5
: server to a new box running a fresh W2K3/IIS6 installation.
: Can I simply backup the IIS5 metabase and import it into IIS6? Is
: there a 3rd party tool that could be used to accomplish this?
: Doing this operation manually would be extremely labour intensive, and
: I'm convinced there must be a way. I found this URL:
: http://www.15seconds.com/issue/020227.htm
: However, it deals with IIS5 -> IIS5 transfers. I know that IIS6 uses
: an XML metabase format; does that help or hinder this process? Is
: there logic to installing W2K, copying the metabase, and then
: upgrading to W2K3?

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