[thelist] Query successful in one db, not in another

Brooking, John John.Brooking at sappi.com
Mon Mar 7 07:55:54 CST 2005

Mark Kamian said:
> Can someone tell me why the following query is successful in one 
> MS SQL Server db table, but not in another?
>     VALUE1 IN (2619))
> ** Tables structures are identical
> ** When replacing (2619) with ('2619'), query IS successful in the 
> other table.

In addition to the other replies you've gotten on this, I think it can
depend on the data, too. Is your VALUE1 field is a character field, but
contain mostly numbers? If so, I have the same situation in one of my
databases here. I often search using a number, and it often works. On
certain fields, however, I tend to run into a type conversion error. I
suspect it must be converting the field values to numerics to compare
them with what you've passed. If all the rows actually have values that
can be converted to numeric, fine. If not, however, I get an error. So
two databases with the exact same structure and settings, but different
data, can work differently. (My database is Oracle, but I'm speculating
that others may behave similarly.)

In any case, bottom line is, just don't rely on implicit type casting.

- John

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