[thelist] Javascript - Permission Denied

Chris Heilmann lists at onlinetools.org
Mon Mar 7 11:20:23 CST 2005

>> Next piece: When the page loads if there is an "productauto" in the
>> querystring then:
>> onLoad="toggleSub('zzz" & auto(0) & "')
> I suspect this is the error. Does & mean 'concatenate string'?
> JavaScript uses +, and as far as I know & means bitwise AND, which, in
> this context, would give some weird results.

nopes, this is writing out the Javascript in the ASP:
if not request.QueryString("productauto") = "" then
  auto = split(request.QueryString("productauto"),"#")
  SQL = " and productauto=" & auto(0)
end if

and in that "language", the & concatenates.

Mixing languages and inline javascript, oh fun.

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