[thelist] Am I relaying?

Burhan Khalid thelist at meidomus.com
Tue Mar 8 04:26:03 CST 2005

Chris Ditty wrote:
> One of my customers servers is having a problem with the email and
> spamming.  I was able to help them with the spam, but I think they are
> being used as a relay.  I went into his Ensim and set the relay server
> up to only send from localhost, but it looks like the emails are still
> going out.  Below is a snippet from his maillog file.  Is he still
> being used as a relay?  Is there somewhere else I need to look in
> Ensim?  He is the only user on that box and is not sending email
> through the server at this time.
> Any help is appreciated.

Try http://www.abuse.net/relay.html

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