[thelist] online address book help

kris burford kris at midtempo.net
Tue Mar 8 06:25:53 CST 2005


i'm trying to create an online messaging system which allows users to 
post to other individuals and groups within the system (using php, mysql 
and a little js). the number of users/groups is sizable, but not 
outrageous (in the realm of 100-200 - and many users won't see the whole 
list anyway).

what i was intending to do was build an address book function, basically 
a select list containing all the names/groups and, on double clicking, 
it would move them to the "to:" field.

by grouping options (using optgroup) i was hoping to make this clean and 
simple. (example at: http://bc.dev.unit-a.net/festival/test.htm)

however, the javascript i've found doesn't like optgroup - i've tried to 
rewrite the js, but my skills aren't up to it!

so, does anyone have any other suggestions/examples they can point me to 
as to how i can build a simple address book function?

many thanks


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