[thelist] Am I relaying?

Chris Ditty cditty at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 09:48:40 CST 2005

That is what I thought.  Strange thing is, that log exert that I
posted in the first email was after I closed everything.  As of
9:45am, he has over 2k new bounced emails in his mailbox, all of them
have the current timestamp on it.  Watching the maillog file, I can't
tell what mail is coming and going.

Any suggestions on how to weed all this out and to tell if mail is
still being sent out?

On Tue, 08 Mar 2005 02:35:39 -0500, Benjamin Tilley
<kalos at carolina.rr.com> wrote:
> I logged into the mail server (ensim.duckcalls.net) and tried to send an
> email to my mailserver but was unable.  You should see the failed
> attempts in your log file.
> You can try telnetting in to port 25 and issuing a HELO, then MAIL FROM
> <blah at blah.com>, followed by RCPT <whomever at blah.com>.  If you receive a
> 250 response (OK) then you are open to replaying.  If you receive a 550
> you should be ok as it will not relay.
> -ben
> Chris Ditty wrote:
> >One of my customers servers is having a problem with the email and
> >spamming.  I was able to help them with the spam, but I think they are
> >being used as a relay.  I went into his Ensim and set the relay server
> >up to only send from localhost, but it looks like the emails are still
> >going out.  Below is a snippet from his maillog file.  Is he still
> >being used as a relay?  Is there somewhere else I need to look in
> >Ensim?  He is the only user on that box and is not sending email
> >through the server at this time.
> >
> >Any help is appreciated.
> >

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