[thelist] email form issues

Sam Carter sam at iness.com
Tue Mar 8 13:22:04 CST 2005

Dan McCullough wrote:

>I'm having a difficult time trackign down an issue, and I dont think
>its the actual code, but something that could be hidden.
>Here is the issue.  Have a form, sends emails to a certain email
>address when everything is finsihed.  However they never get them. 
>double checked the code, which is running on countless other sites
>with no issue.  If I switch the email addresses for another email
>address it comes through without an issue, so I checked spelling, and
>I checked that those email addresses could get mail, and everythig
>went through without a problem, until I stuck those emails back in the
>form.  Now before I go ripping the hosting company a new one is there
>something I am missing or should ask them?
Sounds like the receiving POP has your address in a SPAM filter.

Happens around here a lot.  If you want to test, setup an account in 
your email program to sent to that address from the same address (and 
SMTP) server.  See if it gets there or disappears.


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