[thelist] Stylesheet switching Jitters

M. Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Tue Mar 8 15:38:17 CST 2005

Message from Chris.Marsh at Callserve.com (3/8/2005 01:08 PM)
> > Is there any other way to get the onload event processed
> > before the page
> > is rendered in white?
> >
> > Other information:  The flash is only noticable when the next
> > page has a
> > new graphic which must be downloaded.  It's as if the graphic
> > download
> > gives IE enough time to render the page before processing the
> > window.onload event.
>A possible workaround would be to have an absolutely positioned div
>displayed above (on the z axis) everything else, obscuring it from view. The
>function that you call on page load should be amended so that the last thing
>that happens is that it removes or hides this div. At least then you could
>control what the user sees.

hmm, what happens if javascript isn't available?


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