[thelist] retrieving windows 2000 password

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Wed Mar 9 06:30:35 CST 2005

L0phtcrack is an option, however depending on how the machine is setup it may
not be helpful (for example if the machine if syskeyed). Furthermore, if the
account has a complex password (say 20 characters, mixed case, numerals etc)
then l0phtcrack will spend a considerable amount of time brute-forcing this
account (say, a year or so) as you've noted. You're better of spending some
time downloading a large rainbow table of pre-computed hashes.


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: > There is no way to get the admin password back.
: Depending on the password strength, Lophtcrack has a reasonable degree of
: success brute-forcing Windows passwords if it has no luck with its
: dictionary file. It's pretty expensive, but there certainly used to be a
: trial version available.
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