[thelist] skeptical about the "benefits" of .NET (Visual Studio,Visual Basic, and ASP)

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What will your role be?

I found it was difficult to find books and tutorials that treated asp.net,
ado.net and c#/vb together. What worked for me was open a safari account
with oreilly (http://safari.oreilly.com) and check out a book on ASP.NET, a
book on VB and a book on ADO.NET. For good measure, I would also recommend
ASP.NET - 23 Case Studies.

re: presentation layer - I imagine that MS used the FrontPage html generator
in the .NET engine (it would make sense wouldn't it?) the output looks on
par anyways.  There are some presentation layer coding practices that are a
little crazy-making if you evaluate your work by web standards. 

Most of the tutorials will instruct you to use Visual Studio's interface for
assigning css styles in asp.net syntax. This places css styles inline and is
often quite redundant. You should just be aware that you can use an external
stylesheet without issue and there is even an cssclass assignment for

You might want to study the starter kits that MS provided at
http://tinyurl.com/44jdd. The portal starter kit has been extended
http://www.rainbowportal.net/  Each kit has an associated white paper that
is pretty good.


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I'll be starting work soon on a project in ASP.NET (written in VB.NET, 
developed in Visual Studio .NET - because I'm collaborating with people 
from another company). So far in my reading on the subject, everything 
introductory I've read seems to be written by some marketing person who 
knows a bunch of buzzwords but doesn't really know anything about 
programming. So my questions are:

Can you recommend a good tutorial for VB.NET, ASP.NET and/or Visual 
Studio .NET, preferably not written from an "I love Microsoft" perspective?

What are the pros and cons of ASP.NET over classic ASP (in plain English)?

What are the pros and cons of developing in Visual Studio, rather than 
using my usual (non-WYSIWYG) editor?

My (so far brief) intro to Visual Studio leads me to believe that it 
probably outputs some really ugly HTML, as many WYSIWYG editors do - is 
it as bad as I think, and are there ways to avoid/minimize the ugliness?


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