[thelist] Pull down menus & option truncation

Jono ox4dboy at comcast.net
Wed Mar 9 10:28:16 CST 2005

I am working on a site that has pull down menus that need to contain 
names of agencies that can get very long.  I think I can set a width 
for dropdown choices but IE ( AFAIK ) will then truncate the choice's 
length if it has to. If I don't set a width, a wide choice may break 
the layout due to space constraints. I don't know if it's possible to 
force-wrap pull down menu choice lengths, apparently it doesn't work in 
IE5.5 or lower?

Any suggestions on how to best handle long names in a pull down menu?  
I'd like this to work in as many browsers as possible, and it needs to 
be as accessible/508 compliant as possible.  I cannot provide a link 
yet, everything is still in Photoshop Mockup stage, and I don't want to 
mockup something that is not possible in HTML.


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