[thelist] Database Newbie - Tips?

Iain Godsman iain at datahive.ca
Wed Mar 9 11:00:39 CST 2005

"Database Design for Mere Mortals: A Hands-On Guide to Relational 
Database Design, Second Edition" by  Michael J. Hernandez is really 

It's about how to build a well-designed database no matter what 
product you are using. Not a lot of techno-language either. A really 
easy read. Highly recommended.

It's about $35 at Amazon.

>Hi Gang -
>Well, the time has come for me to dust off my books and set up my first
>database.  However, with everything that I have read about "proper" set up,
>I am worried that I don't have the skills to do it.  I am running my own
>server with Windows 2003 Server and MS SQL Server 2000.  I already have a
>database set up with a single table, and am commuicating with it. 
>My problem is that I have a bit of information that I need to store in the
>DB that I'm sure will requrie multiple tables.  I know how to "use" multiple
>tables but I want to be sure that I am putting the correct information where
>it should go, etc., in order to be efficient, secure, and reduce the chance
>for problems later.
>What I have done so far is created a spreadsheet with a column for field
>name, data type, description, and potential issues.  I have listed out most
>all of the potentital fields that I might need (but I'm sure I have
>forgotten some), some of the data types, all of the descriptions, and some
>of the issues.
>My question is (taking a deep breath) do any of you have any tips on things
>to think about, or processes that you go through when setting up a new
>database, or any links on information gathering?  I spent most of Sunday on
>google, but only really found a few useful pages.
>I just KNOW I'm going to like working with databases once I get started, but
>it's just been a phobia that I've been avoiding until now - and can't avoid
>any longer.
>Any help is always appreciated!
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