[thelist] Blog software for running multiple blogs

Steve Lewis nepolon at worlddomination.net
Wed Mar 9 11:18:37 CST 2005

Richard Livsey wrote:
> Ideally then we have one main summary page showing the last x posts and 
> comments from all blogs, statistics on them all and individually etc..
> Authors should be restricted to their own blog but have some kind of 
> permissions system whereby we could setup users who can post on multiple 
> ones.

> We've mainly used Wordpress in the past, but this looks to be beyond its 
> capabilities and so far I haven't found anything which has the required 
> features (or enough to start with and add in the rest).

If you don't find a "shrinkwrapped" package that will do what you 
want, consider adapting Wordpress to do it for you.  I say do this 
with WP because I know it can be done easily enough and because you 
are familiar with it already.

It wouldn't be at all difficult to script the creation of new blogs 
and you could aggregate quite easily with an RSS feed watcher (because 
you would add each sub-blog to the a master blog db in the same script).



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