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Chris.Marsh at Callserve.com Chris.Marsh at Callserve.com
Wed Mar 9 12:03:01 CST 2005



> I never claimed dropdowns are inaccessible, I consider them 

I inferred this, inaccurately it would appear.

> inflexible and
> harder to use even with a mouse and the newest browsers.
> Checking the user agent is finicky at best. We tried that 

I have had success with this, but neither perspective is particularly useful
to the discussion at hand - both being localised and anecdotal.

> before during
> the browser wars and failed miserably. What a system can do 
> is build up
> gradually, for example a simple text box getting a popup calendar when
> JavaScript is available or staying a simple box when it isn't.

I would certainly agree with this methodology, although I still see no
compelling argument against using select boxes for date ranges.


> But a keyboard for example. I spend about £300 a month online and book
> flights for the company worth £2k. I use a laptop and a 
> trackpointer. Most
> of the time I use the keyboard though. I am not part of a "disabled
> minority", but cannot be bothered to use three dropdowns.

This is dangerous perspective for a developer. If you cannot be bothered to
use three select boxes with a keyboard and I can, as two developers what
information does this give us about the useability of the proposed
interface? Absolutely none. One manner (by no means failsafe) in which to
assess the useability of a proposed interface is to conduct research into
what other organisations have invested development time and money into


> Ah, true, however shouldn't the form tell me the expected 
> format in the
> label? 

Just because a label gives instruction doesn't mean that users will follow
them. Don't fall into the trap of believing all users that cannot or will
not follow your instructions are stupid.

> Clever systems change the date format according to the
> language/locale you selected. When I offer an English site 
> for American
> users I allow for American dates, for the English, I offer English. We

If the select box (as Marc mentioned) gives the month name in English, there
is no confusion. If you offer a free text area, your system will have to be
very clever indeed to divine the *nationality* of the user. An American
working for a French country in Saudi Arabia using a satellite internet
connection will be seen as Arabic, American, French or (believe it or not)
German depending on the detection method used.


> The only argument I heard in favour of selects I heard so far 
> is that it
> is harder for scripts to simulate these entries, and 
> therefore harder to
> spoof a real user signing up for something.

How so? There is no differentiating factor that I am aware of between the
form input from the two following form fields:

<select name='test'>
  <option 'good'>Test</option>
<input type='text' name='test' value='bad' />


Chris Marsh

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