[thelist] Flash MX 2004 - Variables, etc..

Mark Joslyn Mark.Joslyn at SolimarSystems.com
Wed Mar 9 12:04:30 CST 2005

I am developing a web application that connects to a web service using the
webServiceConnector component in Flash 2004 MX.

All my actionScript is in an external .as class file. And my Flash file is
only one frame.

This is that I need to happen when I click the Login Button:

	1. Connect to the web service (trigger)
	2. Retrieve ID
	3. Write the value to a TextArea component
	3. Based on the ID, populate a ComboBox component (trigger) with

I successfully connect, retrieve and write the ID, but it appears that the
ID is "undefined" when the ComboBox tried to populate itself.

Is there some looping I can do to wait for the variable to be retrieved and
set so the ComboBox can populate itself? It jest seems like the variables
are one frame behind because when I trace results to the Output Window, the
ID from the previous click is written in.

There has got to be a way to do this without adding frames.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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