[thelist] MySQL Mirroring

Alan McCoy a.r.mccoy at larc.nasa.gov
Wed Mar 9 14:44:00 CST 2005

Is it possible to do a periodic scheduled backup and restore (or mirror, 
if you will) from one server to another. I'm trying to setup a redundant 
system so that if the main server goes down, the data on the backup 
server is always up to date and ready to go live.

I saw somewhere that a simple nightly rsync of /var/lib/mysql/* (all the 
database folders) would work, but only if mysql is not running. If this 
is true, then I suppose a script that (1) stops mysql, (2) rsyncs the 
folders, then (3) restarts mysql would work. But then again, I suppose 
it also needs to stop and restart mysql on both machines.

Anyone here done something along these lines?

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