[thelist] Spontaneous Disappearance (IE6/Win)

Rick den Haan rick.denhaan at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 16:20:50 CST 2005

Hello List!

I'm seeing some weird things on my page... or rather I'm not, that's
the problem. The page in question is
http://www.persburovanbalennet.nl/fotos.php (browse through page 1
through 7 on the left). Please pay no attention to the weird
linebreaks in some blocks, the site isn't finished yet (index.php
redirects to the other server the current website is on - don't click
"Over Ons" because that'll send you there. As a temporary solution,
the new site's index is at Default.php).

What I should see, is 15 yellow blocks with a greenish-black bar at
the top and an image floated to the left of the content. Most blocks
do exactly what I want them to. But, as soon as the left
background-graphic is loaded, on some pages, some blocks lose their
contents and title, and some also lose part of the yellow background.
Scrolling down until it's out of sight and then back up again solves
the problem, until you hover over the "Lees verder" ("Read on") links,
then they disappear again. (just noticed alt-tabbing to another window
and back again also makes them disappear)

Any thoughts? Could it be because those images are dynamically resized
through a php-script (which I doubt)? I've also thought that IE might
be dumping the background-image partially on top of the divs, but I
can't find any evidence of that. Switching background images in the
wrappers doesn't make a difference.

Hope you guys can help here...


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